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A psychological phenomenon where a large number of people mispronounce words they grew up pronouncing. The effect was named after Tyler Lucas, a second generation Hungarian-American. His grandfather immigrated from Hungary to the United States in the early 1930s and his surname was Americanized from Lukács to Lucas.
"Hey do you like Dr. Suess?" - Kyle

"Yeah I like Dr. Suess, did you know his last name is actually pronounced SOICE?" - Alex

"You're joking right?" - Kyle

"You're as wrong as the deuce / And you shouldn't rejoice / If you're calling him Suess/ He pronounces it Soice." - Alex

"Okay, I buy it. What do you call the phenomenon where you grow up pronouncing words incorrectly?" - Kyle

"It's called the Lewcatch Effect. Named after the future 48th President of the United States." - Alex

"The future is now!" - Kyle
by RyanMcCarthy September 06, 2018
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