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A day when three friends sit down and enjoy exactly eleven bowls of weed in one sitting. There can only be one levenday a week. Although there are such things as exceptionday. Exceptionday is when you have reached the levenday and continue smoking. Levenday originated from a group of three friends trying to find out the perfect amount to smoke in a sitting. They started out with a goal for a sevenday, and achieved it with ease. They continued on until they finished the eleventh bowl. They all knew what they had discovered, yet nobody said it. All three of the friends had achieved the perfect high. The levenday was discovered on the first day of summer in 2010. Some say perfection is impossible to reach, but those who levenday say perfection is the number eleven.
Is it levenday today?

It can be used as a term when you are being completely honest-

"Dude levenday, i swear" = swearing on levenday

"Levenday at my place tonight tell George"

Chase "Dude i railed her"
George "No you didn't shut up"
Chase "Levenday dude, i fucking railed her"
George "Oh shit, nice"
by Mr. Levenday June 06, 2010
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