* if you do not know what this means, then you either didn't finish undertale, or are in the fandom, or don't need to know.
* but heres the definition anyway, straight from the mouth of sans undertale :
* ahem, " it stands for ' level of violence. '

* a way of measuring someone's capacity to hurt.
* the more you kill the easier it becomes to distance yourself.
* the more you distance yourself, the less you will hurt.
* the more easily you can bring yourself to hurt others "
sans : * you never gained LOVE ( level of violence ), but you gained love.
* does that make sense?
* heh, maybe not.
frisk : * i understand.
sans : * is that so?
* heh, makes my life easier

frisk : * sans. have i earned, your love?
sans :* ..yeah.
f : * yeah?
s : * yeah.
f : * yeah.

w-wait, am i reading the wrong script?- o-oh 😳
uh- oh! heres the right one!
* when i killed that froggit, my level of violence went up by 1!
by love händle March 29, 2023
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