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Often confused with "Level of Leetness" or "Laugh out Loud" , the 'Level of Leeness' is the universal scale used to determine how much like Lee, any object is.

*In some cases also known as "Level of Larryness Scale"
Lexington: Oh dude! Did you hear what that f00 said?!

Reginald: Naa man i was busy Taco Masking my Mocha Momma, what he say?

Lexington: He's all like "The wavefunctions of an electron in that hydrogen atom are possessing definite energy (increasing downward: n=1,2,3,...) and angular momentum (increasing across: s, p, d,...)" what a crock block!

Reginald: Pfft send that down to th'a Negro Phi Dactyl.

Katie: WTF is wrong with you two! *throws a soda*

Reginald: *hit by soda* Ohh... damn biatch your level of Level of Leeness is out'a whak!
by Syro August 14, 2006
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