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Leuge (lee-OO-ge)


1. The way you are feeling, whether a good or bad leuge

2. A sort of springyness in an oldster

Adjective (Leugy)

3. Moody; unsettled

4. Feeling an array of emotions you don't really want to talk about
1. Frederick: Mann, what's your leuge today?

Lucy: Pretty suckish, you?

2. Frederick: Look at that old lady's leuge! She's so hyper!

Lucy: Yeah, I've never seen such a leuge. She must be happy.

3. "Man, am I leugy. I'm just like a rollercoaster today!!"

4. Frederick: Lucy, ma girl, how you doin??

Lucy: Leugy.

Frederick: Ahh. I see.
by gracey321 April 25, 2011
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