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Letteshia is a smart and independant person who is most likely to always be taken by the sporty type of person. Teshia is the aboriginal name for Letteshia. This person is beautiful and has a smile that could always "wow" the nation. She loves sports and loves to chat, chat, chat! She will give you any type of advice if you ask her or not.She will most defenitly always has a bubbily personality but shy on the inside.. :
Letteshia is an eligant person who loves to make the final decision.. She has an imaginative side to her and she will put it towards ALL of her work.
hey Letteshia
HEY <says letteshia
WHATS UP?<says letteshia
not much what about you brus?
HAHA< Says Letteshia
by TeeTee1o1 July 09, 2009
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Letteshia is a great person who loves to dance, sing and exspecialy act!! Letteshia love animals!! Her favorite insect is and will always be the blue mountain butterfly.. Letteshia is a down to earth type of person, she is sporty and is pretty flexible. she is an "A" student and has a great atendence record. She always is ready to put her head down and work herself to the bone, she loves school and loves lunch brakes, just because she gets to see her friends! Letteshia is a popular name in Australia, Letteshia/Letteisha also is the longer name for Teshia/ Teisha. Letteshia is a wounderful person, who can wish up a life time of great dreams! and she will never ever, ever say NO to a task that is given to her. She is an imaginative person who love to speek her mind.
"Letteshia, have you finished that assignment on the Victorian scrub worm?" says mrs. K
"Yes, i have mrs. K," says Letteshia
"thank you Letteshia, your a star,"says Letteshia
"hey letteshia, it lunch time, cmon' lets go!"says Celene
"coming!"said Letteshia
by TeeTee01 July 12, 2009
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