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While many know of and get to 1st, 2nd and 3rd base with a person, there is an alternate base known as 'Let-Base'.

Let-Base is an alternate base option after 2nd base where the person allows the other full access to touch any part of the body. Many find this base shameful to the one who allows it as it shows little self-respect though praise the one who achieves it.
Example 1

Guy 1: Hey did you hear what happened to Lou the other day?
Guy 2: No, what happened?
Guy 1: She got to Let-Base.
Guy 2: Poor girl :(
Guy 1: Lucky guy!

Example 2

Aaran: Hey babes, want to go to Let-Base?
*Girl undresses*
Aaran: Score.
by Ojen Modsiw April 09, 2013
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