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A nerd/geek phrase.
A reference to Star Wars: Used to describe a situation where you are dealing with someone extremely drunk (Whiskey is usually a common facor), whom words cannot penetrate their psyche, they only speak the language of violence. They have a "pick-a-fight" mentality, yet you decline as much as possible to avoid it. This is mostly because you are smaller and fragile like a droid, and they are bigger than you like a wookie.
Friend: What happened between you and our mutual friend?

You : He kept slapping me around because he drank a lot of WHISKEY, and decided to single me out for being the bohemoth that he is. He kept slapping me in the face and calling a bitch. I just had to "Let the wookie win".
by Anti-Hipster of the Apocolypse December 28, 2010
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