If someone uses this word and you know who it is, their mind has been taken over by the apocalyptic D.A.D syndrome. the first D stands for don't. The A stands for alarm and the other D stands for Dad. If they use it, run as fast as you can to Mexico where most of them don't speak English so they would say "Let us get it" and even if they do, you wouldn't understand them.
Friend : Firstly, it's HARVARD and secondly, LET US GET IT!!
Me :*oh fuck* uuuh, yo?? Were you with your Dad last night?Like in the basement??
Friend : Ye ye YEEE!!! Dad helped me wash my homework
Me : *oh fuck oh fuck* yeah...umm..BYE!!!!
(One second later)
Me : Phew!! At least I don't need to go to Harvard and I don't need to see that pumpkin lookin ass ever again.
by ANO_X May 31, 2018
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