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LESBO-A-GO_GO!!!~An innovative,Cutting-Edge,ground-breaking original, fresh HOT club (of it's time) in WASH., D.C. for Lipstick Lesbians created by the current NYC based Fashion photographer JAI Kapadia back in 1991.Was all the national+ international media rage all over. *( Imitations were attempted elsewhere,BUT NEVAH, evah, duplicated!!! Hot, sexxy, Ferosh talented women and were REAL dancers who danced on stage for the enjoyment of other gorgeous, stunning women throughout the packed club. They loved the celebration of being fresh, scintillating, and FUN LOVING, identifying her feminine mystique, and womanly body with all its glory!
Jai: "Welcome to my club, "Lesbo-a-Go-Go!" would you like some libations?" Carla: "WOW!" This is SO Hawt in here Thank you, don't mind if I do! Alicia: "OMG! Jai, This is the most ferocious club that I have ever even imagined!" I'll have one lap dance from Queenie over there on that stage!" JAI Luscious Lipstick Lesbian Tracks DC JAI-Lingo Cutting Edge Ferocious Felines
by Lana Queen February 16, 2009
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