The strongest form of love. Stronger than Penguin love.
Frank lesbian loves Michellee. Michellee lesbian loves frank too.
by Acronym808910 April 10, 2019
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A deep, deep love for your best girly friend, that, although appearing overtly sexual to outsiders, is fact completely innocuous.

Can be abbreviated to PLL.

1) I Platonic Lesbian Love you

2) Emma and Alex are Platonic Lesbian Lovers

3) Every year, Emma and Alex celebrate PLL Day
by Schmalex April 29, 2007
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Where you fall in love with someone you cant have, especially someone from another state
Person 1: They seem to be pretty happy
Person 2: They're talking to someone from Tennesse

Person 1: Ah, classic lesbian love syndrome
by ThatLesbian January 23, 2020
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aka LLL
1. The act of using Second Life avatars to fulfill or act upon lesbian desires or curiosity. Applies to couples, groups, and chat.
Also includes males using female avatars to act out lesbian love scenes in game.
2. A group of females avatars in Second Life that go to dance clubs together and avoid dancing with male avatars.
1."Oh you're so sweet to offer to take me that women only beach, I have always been curious in RL but have been so (insert excuse here) to try. I am so glad I am in SL so that I can try out something new." Welcome to Linden Lesbian Loving.
2."Dude, I'd go ask that av to dance but she's in the middle of Linden Lesbian Loving, and I'll lag out."
by Blackhawk Sikorsky November 22, 2006
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'club' formed on tumblr when the luke mullen lovers realized they were all lesbians
they lesbians love luke club is healthy proof that you don't have to be a thirsty creep over someone to love and appreciate them
by bambikippen May 14, 2019
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What your ignorant mom thinks that girlfriends do all the time and is the reason why they're together.
"Lezlie, if you make Gaybriela mad, she will cut you off from your sweet lesbian love-making!"
by Francis Unicorn February 16, 2015
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