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noun; a young lesbian that frequents lesbian clubs in search for a much older woman. Usually the younger lesbian (the dragon) is unstable and in financial need, and is in search of an older or more financially secure woman to take them in and provide for them. The lesbian dragon is often a high-school, or college-aged girl (16-26 years old) that was kicked out of her parents' home for being gay and is searching for both emotional and financial stability. The targeted older female is often one that either 'came out' late in life, or otherwise single and easily manipulated. The term 'lesbian dragon' has a negative connotation because the older woman is often trapped by the youthful and sexy appeal of the dragon, and doesn't realize her predicament until she is paying for the dragon's living expenses, college tuition, cell phone bills, food and other expenses in exchange for a sexual relationship. When the older woman justifiably breaks off the relationship with the lesbian dragon, the dragon is off to the club once again in search of another older woman. Club, here, can be replaced with online dating sites as well.
Lesbians at a bar talking about other lesbians in a lesbian bar:
"Remember that 19 year old art student that used to sleep on my couch in my apartment because she had no where else to go?"

"The one that was kicked out of her house for being gay? yea whatever happened to her?"

"She got into the local lesbian bar with a fake I.D. and met a woman, some 38 year old lawyer and u-hauled in with her a week later. Now she left that woman for that woman's boss who is the law firm executive."

"That art student was such a lesbian dragon"

by DykeDrama June 22, 2009
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