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A 'Direct Action' gay rights advocacy group, whose activities range from the sane and revolutionary; marches on washington or protest and advocacy marches for the advancement of gay people, to the very INsane: attacking their targets with what would seem like campaign slogans taken too literally and way out of context. One example would be their attempt to boycott the U.S. state of Colorado for passing homophobic laws. One of their subsequent actions for this campaign was to raid the offices of "Self" magazine and let loose a "plague of roaches" (46 boxes of crickets) and storm the secretary desk to make a phone call to the police saying "There are dykes in the building!" after Self had planned an executive meeting to take place in the state of Colorado. They can be compared to the Civil Rights group, the Black Panthers, in the sense of their means to obtain the rights they deserve. They are to GLAAD as PETA is to the ASPCA.
We don't fuck around. We're lesbian avengers!!
by c;afmorel;szngroiaelhjgkv December 23, 2010
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