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1.The mother of the red-headed jewish albanian.
2.Woman who's pornography alias is "Iliiterate Douche Towel"
3.A synonym for anal princess
4.A sex position where the woman tucks her feet behind her ears as a guy shits in her mouth
Midshipman 1 - "Hey, what'd you do last night?"
Midshipman 2 - "Nothin really, just gave some chick a 'Lerner's Mom.'"

I met this chick last night, she's a real Lerner's mom if you catch my drift.
by Pedro November 17, 2004
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1. Mother of Lerner the Greater and Franklin, a turtle known for his reclusive habits.
2. Cherry Joy Bessylance
3. pee pee
Dude, have you seen Lerner's mom?
Yeah, she's legit.
by slob March 20, 2005
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