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A large, loud, green-haired, gay, latin male. For this subject, coming SOME-WHAT out of the closet has only furthered the feeling that he is not bi-sexual at all...but 100% GAY. Actions speak louder than words..And so do big flaming neon signs above ones head. This person is good hearted in nature, but flaunts the fact that " HE " has money in public situations. A few cards shy of playing with a full deck, the Lepraqueen is for the most part a good person to be around, and enjoys playing the " Numbers Rating Game " for other gay and straight males of most races. Friends will include other "bi" males, gay men and woman, and a token straight male!!!!
Dude, look at _________ with that green stripe in his hair throwing a hissy fit. What a Lepraqueen!!!!
by Straight as an Arrow April 02, 2007
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