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The name of a simply irresistible and utterly amazing guy who will light you eyes up as soon as you see him or sense he's presence. He will occupy your mind throughout the day when you are at work and all you'll be able to think about is how wonderful and lucky you are to have him in your life. He's a funny gorgeous guy with a flair for sketching awesome drawings and is a brilliant athlete. He will warm your heart from the moment he's in the room and you will want to spend every single moment of the day with him. You want to wake up to his presence every morning. He is the type of guy who is selfless, with a beautiful soul. He's my heart and soul and he is always missed when he's not here with me. He's the most handsomest, sexiest, radiant, sweet and caring guy you'll meet. He will hold your hand forever, never letting you go.
God, I missed Leonardo J Brendon the whole day today when i was at work

There's no one like Leonardo J Brendon in this world. He was created specially and i'm so lucky to have him in my life

Leonardo J Brendon is so lovely he is always on my mind
by Avatar/GrinchLover:) May 24, 2010
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