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A very, very, very small town bordering Hawthorne and Inglewood, CA. It has a small population of 85,000. It is mainly compose of 90% latinos and 10% others. It has a small school district called the Lennox Unified School District composed of 5 elementary schools (Jefferson, Felton, Dolores Huerta, Buford, Moffett) 1 middle school (LMS) and 2 main High Schools which are both nationally ranked by the U.S News and World Report (2008 & 2009) Lennox Math and Science Academy (ranked #21 in the nation) and Animo Leadership Charter High School (ranked #31 in 2008 and ranked #94 in 2009). The small town has 1 library, and one small park called "Lennox Park". The city was well known when a small 5.0 earthquake, epicenter in Lennox, CA (May 2009) causing a huge earthquake around Los Angeles, CA that can be felt in San Diego and Las Vegas. The town has local fairs at Lennox Park every year, and had 5 de Mayo parades.
Lennox, CA was the epicenter of a May 2009 earthquake that happen in Los Angeles.
by applefan123 December 02, 2009
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