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A term used when you're at the club and the party music is flaccid as heck.

So you bust out the words "LEN IT UP" with a great cry. the cry of a titan. then the dj looks at you, you both make eye contact. then he turns on the attack on titan theme song as you bite your thumb and turn to your full titan form.

all the hoes around are amazed by your ripped body, but this isn't even your final form.

len it up everybody.
*flaccid music plays*
*a female anime chick screams len it up*
*attack on titan theme plays as you dance with the power of many anime hoes.*
by dankthepoet July 30, 2017
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So basically,lenning something up pretty much means using anime pictures during a normal conversation and making things weird.If you decide to len it up,then you are going to be the one who sends anime pictures.
Oh my god,i bet that she will len it up in a few minutes by sending Yuri on ice pictures!
by Flaugzy April 24, 2017
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