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First name of Lavar Ball's fourth son (if Lavar had a fourth son...)
lavar: Hey, Lonzo! Baby-sit LemonJello for me while I'm in Lithuania with the two knuckleheads, LiAngelo and LaMelo, k?
lonzo: What? Oh, come on, Dad. I have a job now, remember? I'm BUSY!
lavar: Family first, Lonzo. Then Big Baller. Lakers are third. You know that
lonzo: Ah, geez...
by AcheNot January 15, 2018
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lemonjello or lemonjello's
a dank ass coffee shop in Holland, MI

pronounced lemonjello (like the fruit, then the dessert)
or li-MON-jeh-lo (think dijon)
Let's go down to Lemonjello's and drink coffee.
by Lizzie1000 July 10, 2008
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