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When a same sex couple (normally women) are booking a hotel for a weekend liason, a lemon check is the moment of the phone call where they check with the hotel that they are okay with practicing lesbians frequenting their establishment.
When booking a hotel for a lesbian liason please remember to use the "lemon check".

Janine - Can I please book a romantic room for two for two nights please?
Hotel - Yes that's fine.
Janine - Do you mind that we are both women?
Hotel - Are you both attracive or butch?
Janine - ....hangs up...
by Bradford Shopper December 03, 2009
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1:one who checks others lemons for firmness and/or juicyness.

2:a very perverted person who grabs a girls tits and sucks them as if they were a lemon.

boobs lemons breasts tits man juicy
1: the lemon check couldnt find any nice lemons to eat.

2: after enjoying the "lemons" Mr.lemon check AKA herbert the old man, decided to slice the lemon up and eat it raw.
by Lynden Q May 13, 2007
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