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Lelainna is a very funny and nice person. She puts everyone in front of her first. She is a classy girl with brown eyes. Good at lip singing. One of my bestest friends ever so be nice to her. Can be sassy a lot of the times but only when its needed. ALWAYS has a great boyfriend.
Girls 1: OMFG did you see Lelainna. I always wanted to be her.
Girls 2: Yo did you here se got a boyfriend!
Lelainna: -looks back- he's mine bitches
by ThisGirlisthequenn May 23, 2018
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Stunning, funny, sassy and classy, delightful.. Brown eyed girl.. Loyal and quirky
Lelainna is the kind of person you meet once and remember forever. A person who's beauty is not only her appearance but radiates through her personality in a way you wont forget!
by MQueen09 March 17, 2019
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