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A Leiza is a omnipotent

A Leiza is gorgeous, intelligent, mysterious, hilarious, athletic, out-going and creative, yet she is also tough, street-smart, Experienced, brave, enduring and mainly a wonderful woman. Nothing and Nobody can compare to a leiza in any aspect.Mess with a Leiza or her family, you with regret being born.
A leiza can also be a Mexican/Latina.
by Savage.Bro. September 17, 2017
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Leiza is a girl who gets your hopes up and then shuts you down. All leiza, (leeza) take your hearts and pretend to care for them and then throw their hearts down and step on them with ballet shoes. Nuff said.
That Leiza Girl is a real heart breaker, and a time waster. Be safe.
by SupermanCK January 18, 2017
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