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A suburban town in north County Kildare, very close to the County Dublin Border.

The place name Leixlip is of Danish origin and resulted from viking attacks yonk a doodles ago... circa the 800's - 900's. Leixlip = Lax Hlaup = Leap of the Salmon.
Leixlip = Leim an Bhradain in Irish/Gaeilge.

Also, Leixlip is the original home of the "black shtuff!"... Guinness :-)

A mystical place where leprechauns, fairies, frodo, many other hobbits gather together to party with all the cool people in the yellow house or the Glebe on pound st., Leixlip. Bilbo Baggins makes a regular appearance... what a ledge!!

Leixlip people may seem like everyday folk... but don't be misled by this or their wonderful wit and charm, for they possess a gift of the rarest kind.. X-ray vision! Yurp... they see it all. All of you!! Hadouken!!!

More importantly... it's the smelliest place in Ireland. No joke. Anyone who's been here will agree.. particularly on a warm summers day when the stench at the bridge penetrates deeply into your nostrils infiltrating your brain fulla smelly goodness... Nice.

Leixlip rawks!

Oh, I had such a wonderful day... I met a Leixlip person... my life is now complete :-)

Leixlip is the cheese.. the knob cheese
by YourName(or pseudonym) August 04, 2008
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