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1. A ''Shaft like character who don't take no shit and is always down for sticking it to the man. He can be recognized by a huge bulge in his pants and well groomed mustache.
1. Man, the 'one time' tried creeping up on Paul and got distracted by his junk. He took the opportunity to kick their ass with some Kung Fu and didn't even mess up his mustache. That mutha Fucker is a 'Leija'.
by JL Smooth November 05, 2009
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Leija is a person who is beautiful and wonderful, they can be a bit clingy sometimes, but it doesn’t bother you in anyway.

Leijas are extremely rare and can only be found at certain places of the world. They are also intelligent and can always make a boring situation fun. If you know a Leija, don’t let go.
“Leija is so nice!” “I wish Leija would be my friend
by #1 grandpa November 07, 2018
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