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A Hispanic girl who is very ghetto, kind, weird, likes to eat, pretty, and makes you laugh. Her type is not very common and her name especially. If you ever meet a Lehtzy be her friend until death. Her laugh is very loud and obnoxious because she laughs weird on purpose. Her laugh can bring a smile to your face and can make you laugh as well. She can be very strange. This is because she likes to yell made up words in public. She can also be very shy but if you mess with her she will throw some hands.
Dude 1: Wow look at that girl over there she looks like a snacc.

Dude 2: She must be a Lehtzy. Lehtzy's are very rare.

Dude 1: I'm going to ask her out.
by ^^MemeLord^^ June 13, 2018
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