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A porven method to guarantee sexual intercourse. It is as follows:
Left Hand Rule:
First thing you have to do. You have to lay on the left side of the bed.
Then you take your left hand and slap it across her belly. Don't slap it hard, just kinda place it there. And then you take the right side of your head and put it on her shoulder so you can look up at her. Then you take your left hand and turn it vertically, with your fingertips pointing in the direction of the vaginal area. Then you take your top 4 fingers and feel the waist band. Thats to let her know that you are there. Now at this point, you look up again to see if she is looking at you. If she is not looking at you, this gives you clearance to slide toward the cleft of the clitoris. You take your middle finger, and you start to slide it down adn you are searching for the clitoris. Only the middle finger. Once again you look up, to see if she is looking at you, you have have past the second clearance area. Now that you have reached the clitoris she has gave you clearance, so you take the index finger and the middle finger and you hook them around. Now what you do is you take those 2 fingers and stir them around in the vagina like it's some hot chocolate.Now here is the final look, you gonna go ahead and look at her again. And at this point she should not be looking at you and moving around making little noises cause it feels good.Now, what you gonna do now while your left hand is down there, you take the right hand and proceed to take the pants off. She should start assisting you in the removal of the pants.At that point her legs should part like the RED SEA. Remove Left hand, insert penis. This plan is 100% fool proof.
" I heard you beat last night."
" Yeah she fell victim to the left hand rule, next thing you know she was butt naked, face down ass up"
by J Boi of Fab 5 January 24, 2008
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