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The epic guylove between Lee Tergesen and Christopher Meloni.

Cause "Mergesen" sounds shitty.
Proof of Leeloni "We have a bond, a chemistry that transcends time, space, and heterosexual impulses."
Chris Meloni to Lee Tergesen

When asked how Chris's nickname for Lee came to be "bitch," he replied, "It's evolution, baby, and I think he wears the name well and proudly" . In fact, if Chris had a "Bad Bitch" T-shirt, he would give it to Lee, but also has given him another name: "When he's really, really bad and he needs it really bad, I call him Beth. Questions?"

When asked what he felt when kissing Lee, Chris replied, "Aside from my heart skipping a beat? I was thinking…'I wonder if Sherman would fit in a wood chipper and then Lee and I could escape (once the season was over) to a tropical island…I wonder if he likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain…' That was pretty much it"
by DrComedyTragedy September 29, 2011
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