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1. A nickname for any cute half-asian male.
2. A cute half-asian boiii that is generally attracted to LG's. Many girls tend to want to get down with a Leeleelee, as they are the subject of bets that mainly involve sexy parties and prom dates. Leeleelee's are hard to come by and harder to get, but don't become discouraged if you get rejected, since they enjoy the persistance (see attacktion).
3. Can be a substitute for lololol. This expression is usually accompanied by the gesture of a Native American warcry. Why? Who knows, it just is.
Tara: I hope a Leeleelee asks me out to prom! I need to get lucky!

Wild-Card Chick: I need to hook up with a Leeleelee pronto so we can throw a sexy party with party mintz.

Annonymous Asian: Man, I just got rejected by a Leeleelee.
Jayne: That's okay, you're just not being LG enough. Dress sluttier!
by younggirl4evA July 22, 2011
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