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Leedsa is a beautiful, funny, loyal girl who goes out her own way to do anything for anyone. But don't take her kindness for weakness as she will bite back twice as hard and make you regret messing with her! She should of been born blonde and comes out with some right s***. She can be dopey and clumsy but will always make it comical. She may have a hot temper and come across intimidating at times but under all of that she's a super sensitive softie. She has so much love to give but never bloody takes it! You need a Leedsa in your life as she will always have your back regardless of the circumstances! Let her know you need her and she will be there. She's a true party gal and always mad for the tequila shots! She can holde a grudge so if you have been forgiven you must mean a lot to her. She also has an amazing sister loooooool if you don't know a Leedsa you need to go find yourself one! Leedsa is life. Leedsa is real.
Friend 1 : yo you know that Leedsa gal?
Friend 2 : yeah man, she da sickest gal mi knows
by TripleBJ December 08, 2017
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