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A small section of the terrible town known as Ridley in southern Pa, Delaware Valley. Usually home to the poorer people of the town. Consists of closely packed row home and twins. Has an elementary school called Leedom Elementary, the tot lot, Nassau Swim Club, and various little coves used for the consumption of alcoholic beverages by teenagers and the use of marijuana. Once had a gang known as the Leedom Cruds and known for the dirty or skanky teenagers who attend Ridley High School. Familiar streets such as Clymer Lane, Stockten Circle, and Braxton Road. Has a reputation as being the bad part of Ridley, full of druggies and alcoholics, when in fact the rich sports stars of Ridley High School are hopped up on coke.
"Mom, can I go hang out with Brooke?"

"Honey, Brooke lives in Leedom. I don't think spending time in Leedom is a very safe thing to do these days."
by Colbertnation002 March 07, 2009
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