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The name Leearzia is a very unique but beautiful name,she is one of the most beautiful'est girls inside an out, her smile is like the sun she can light up your world in an instant when you see her. She is one of the nicest girls you could ever meet an also one of the sweetest girls, shes super duper lovely, she has a really funny humor an is so much fun to be around with. She is really popular when it comes to guys she gets all the boys an deserves the best boys ! she is so much fun to talk to an hang out with she has a great personality. She is really special so if you ever meet a leearzia don't loose her as a friend you will regret it. Leearzia is very much loved girl and is very popular towards people .
My best friend in the whole entire word is Leearzia

and i wouldn't ever want too loose her.
by itbenikki(: November 12, 2011
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