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Ledah is a person that has the heart of a Giant, yet is vulnerable like an elegant swan. Commonly, Ledah's have hundreds of Facebook friends. Yet still believe no one really likes them. Ledah's are superior party planners and can put a shin dig together with no thought. While very creative they can become slightly disorganized and late to appointments. This is not meant to be disrespectful as they make up for it in extra work and loyalty. Ledah's are not considered morning people or night people, they tend to operate under peak conditions around mid-day. While Ledah's love money they normally need to be monitored carefully when it comes to daily spending. Usually they won't be in charge of budgets but find great pleasure in spending money. Most are religious but don't spend time discussion theology they simply just live in harmony with their religious doctrine.
I can't believe how sick this party is, are you some sort of Ledah?
Did you just buy me this new car? How Ledah of you!
You are 20 minutes late, you totally pulled a Ledah!
Always follow the Ledah.
Did you just drink a Ledah of Coke?
by Rockhard Ron May 27, 2010
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