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contraction of Lebensraum + öl; to indicate that 'murder for oil' (Iraq, 2003+), a special case of 'murder for spoil,' is a war crime of the exact similar class to that attempted by the 3rd Reich, 1939+. Similarly, Lebensleitig = Lebensraum + ölleitung, 'murder for oil pipeline' (Afghanistan, 2001+)
In 2003, the US (UK, Aus) illegal invasion was predicated on superficial, premeditated lies, with the actual but risibly denied motive of seizing control of Iraq's oil. Analogue to WW2 and the Germans' quest for Lebensraum, the US wants ever more Lebensöl for its mostly obscene gas-guzzlers.
by Bernd Samson March 01, 2009
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