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Is a traditional breakfast in Lebanon usually consisting Labneh (hard yogurt) with olives and olive juice over it, hummus with mint and olive juice over it or chickpeas or some spices, and salads like tabbouleh or fattoush or regular sour Lebanese salad, pita bread is also available , also some people like to have a cup of tea or arabic coffee , Mankoushi a baked doe similar to a pizza, also white cheese like Bulgarian cheese or Akkawi Chekian cheese , some kebbeh and also fool and chickpea hummus , tomatoes. Traditional Lebanese Breakfast are catagorised under a Mediterranean diet which is one the healthiest diets.
Erin : Bob, What is a traditional breakfast like in Lebanon?
Bob: OMG Honey , you've never tried a Lebanese breakfast it is one of the yummiest and healthiest breakfasts in the world.
by Max95 June 04, 2013
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To fart in someones mouth to wake them up. They have to be asleep before the fart is released, and be awake as a result of the fart taste in their mouth in order for it to be classed as a lebanese breakfast.
If he doesn't wake up soon I'm gonna give him a Lebanese breakfast
by Jaketown September 08, 2012
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