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This quasi-holiday was made to add some specialness to a boring school day. Planned a few days in advance, this will make a regular school day a lot more interesting. Whoever wants to celebrate this day wears orange clothing, from a bracelet or a shirt all the way to a full orange outfit. Cupcakes are made as well, they can be orange or any other theme. It's fun to show up at school with many of your friends in orange and the teachers not know what's going on. The cupcakes must be extra yummy too. All who celebrate this day are required to tell people to: "Leave your oranges at home, please and thank you!" Whenever the holiday is written the at is always the at symbol: @. Leave Your Oranges @ Home Day can happen once a year or once a week, whenever you feel like having cupcakes at school.
Cali: I hate school; our lunches are terrible!
Gavin: I know!! Want to have a Leave Your Oranges @ Home Day tomorrow?
Cali: Yeah! Let's make cupcakes tonight!
Gavin: Yeah!!
by SexyVixenSally2006 July 19, 2006
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