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A "Leauna" is what you so call a VERY rude, ignorant, indignant, idiotic, sly, and lying woman. A "Leauna" girl has a tendency to jump conclusions that are incorrect. "Leaunas" are what most people consider salty and backstabbing. Usually, the miasma, or a scary and creepy aura, is given off by a "Leauna", allowing them to be easy to identify in a room full of people.

Be CAUTIOUS if you introduce your friends to one of those. "Leauna" girls will dismay those you know, leading them astray. The consequence of doing so could be betrayal from your friends or family, being done without a second thought.

Most importantly (for men, unless you're homosexual, lesbians, and bisexuals ), DO NOT ENGAGE into a relationship with a "Leauna" girl. That would be unproductive, leading to wasted time or heartbreak (if truly interested in a "Leauna"). "Leaunas" are not to be confused with ladies or women, rather a brat as an alternative.
Common Synonyms:

-Femme Fatale
-sous-merde (French)
"That feeble Leauna is all up in the Kool-Aid and don't know the flavor."

Leauna is as smart as that stick on the ground! *snaps*

Imani: " Why does Leauna act out like that?"

D'wight: "Nothing really, she just takes pride in her ignorance."

Imani: "What makes you think so?"

D'wight: "Being that ignorance is the lack of knowledge, Lele does what she thinks is right, void of the fact that her actions are sinful. If she wasn't ignorant, she would've known to rather be humble than to have made that gesture at you."
Imani: "Ohhh! Thanks, D'wight!"
D'wight: "Your welcome! Just be careful around her, seriously.
by 1XXXXX7 May 27, 2019
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Leauna is kind,funny and sweet and is VERY athletic.She has the bestest of friends that no-one else could ever wish for and she is very talented,intelligent and good at most things.You would be very lucky to have a leauna your life. When a room is dark leauna can be the one who fixes that because of her gorgeous smile. She loves her family very much like no-one else could ever do. Leauna one of a kind and unique. Everyone would be lucky to have a leauna not you might want to find one to make your day. Leauna does not put up with fake people and fake friends because she knows they are a waste of time and space. You have to love a
Leauna is the best girlfriend any boy in the world can have, but luckily she is mine😍
by My leauna April 23, 2019
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A femme fatale(noir)/ a woman that falls in love with a guy and then later on betrays him.
That little leauna is a treacherous two-face, turning my friends against me. That DEMONIC brat
by 1XXXXX7 June 12, 2018
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