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a hot young guy that prefers leather gear, leather jacket, leather pants, leather chaps, fully leather clad. usually a sexual thing for the boy. A submissive boy
that leatherboy is ready for a masculine man to bend him over and work his ass.
by Daniel C. Seattle April 28, 2006
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Leather boy is a person who obviously wears leather all day long everyday. This type of person usually has greasy hair and facial hair. It might also crave motley crue
say your driving down near the mall and you see a man dressed in completely in leather. He is also listening to a cd player and the sun seems to shine of his hair. Anyways you shout out leather boy with your friends and it eventually becomes a inside joke for you and your friends. Any time when leather is mentioned you and your friends will be bursting out laughing.
by lynal June 20, 2006
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