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Verb; The action of placing your arms on the shoulders of another person to jump over them(Leap Frog,) and then completing the landing by bashing in the skull of another person with your foot or feet(Curb Stomp.)

The person would in most cases be lying on the ground after a major ass kicking with their head against a street curb. The victim of this move is most likely a punk ass bitch.

This is a finishing move and guarantees the kill. The only thing deadlier is the double Leap Frog Curb Stomp, where you bash in the head of two people. This move requires a minimum of two people and is most likely to be seen in a high crime area at the end of a gang jumping.
Yo i heard them bloods did Jamal good. That mutha fucka got Leap Frog Curb Stomped.

Damn thats some cold ass way to go.
by colorado guy1993 January 20, 2013
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