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A form of laziness that every person partakes of but is a form of slacking that I'm sure no American is aware of(except for me). It implies that you are so lazy, that you do not even wish to support your upper body with brute strength alone, and therefore is reduced to (often while sitting) putting all centrifugal weight on a crutch. All jocks do it, so the next time someone with interests surrounding technology has fun poked at their lazy ass by a nigger or honky football player, imagine the following dialogue...
"lolz chris, you weakling, you slouch and don't play sports, and your only spent energy surrounds your hands in the form of wanking off, playing video games, and operating a comp-..."
"Close your meatloafy mouth, Reggie, you lean on your arm all the time when sitting. So it becomes one of two reasons that you don't have shit on me. The other being that you're a stinky coon, and need to stop bouncing/kicking an inflated round piece of rubber and start knitting me some boots, and that's because you're a nigger, and therefore are subhuman, and hence only a tool to be used by white land-owning christians for the generation and distribution of apparel and food."
"Wow I better kiss your ass constantly and make sure your footwear shine with hard work."
"Damn right jiggaboo."
by lazirus July 08, 2004
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