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A girl whose suprisingly good at engilsh, but also extremely bad at speeking or socializing with others. This girl may seem shy or "emo" but really isn't. Like she gets super loud when you get to know her.

and other things blah blah blah..
Friend 1: Dude look at the weird emo person over there
Friend 2: Oh that's just leanelyn
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Leanelyns are very nice but sometimes mean. She is also very artistic when it comes to drawing. She is also quiet but really loud when you get to know her. She would be sometimes over exaggerated about something. She would smile at someone she hates but deep inside her,she wants to stab her face.
Omg! Look at Leanelyn's drawing! It's so artistic!!
by Salomesmary April 20, 2018
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