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This term has a variety of uses and generally always refers to the female gender in varying capacities, as women, by nature are the stinkier of the two genders. Typically used to describe an odor emitted by, or resulting from contact with some woman. Most frequently used to describe the musky, sometimes stinky or even downright putrid smell, residing somewhere on a male after encountering a foul vagina. The term can also apply to other areas of a woman's anatomy when applicable. Can include the butt, arm pits, even bad breath. Let us not forget the feet, which for some women, can melt the paint off a battleship. This condition is most often associated with a female lacking intelligence and common sense, but can include and is not limited to sophisticates as well. It is believed by some that perfume was originally, in part, first used to attempt to conceal the less than desirable smells of a female.
1. Hey man, wanna smell some Le Femme de Pew on my fingers from Mary Jane last night?! The shit just won't wash off.

2. Baby I respect you in every way, but you have got to stop wearing those nylons and cheap shoes, especially in warmer weather. Your piggies really stink and are burning my eyes! I'm also going to have to replace the carpeting.
by Big Ed Moustapha March 23, 2009
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