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A Le Vert is a soft spoken male who sleepstrips.

They will show little emotion, however a Le Vert is at his most outragous when in a foreign country where he will without shame or remorse expose himself to a large audience of strangers whilst asleep.

Le Vert's are usually adverse to violence. The only time a Le Vert will become violent is if you say the word 'Roy' to him for no apparent reason. After a bout of sparing violence, he will only be calmed if you present him with a friendship stone.

Once a Le Vert has ingested more than 4 units of alcohol, he will refuse to use a key to open a door. He will stand at the door shouting "BELL" repeatedly until entry to said establishment is gained.
"Oh my word, look at that guy getting naked. He must be a Le Vert, doesn't he realise there are children around"

"I had a fight with Le Vert, I got angry and called him Roy. I best get a friendship stone"
by takerdemon July 02, 2009
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a contemporary R&B group, formed in Ohio in 1984, comprising of Sean and Gerald Levert, the sons of O'Jays founder Eddie Levert, as well as Marc Gordon.
Did you get The Best of LeVert cd yet?
by Brandi Jo July 15, 2008
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