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The lazy way of spelling "laziness". Often occurs when one is so lazy that they actually measure that on a conventional keyboard the distance from the N to the Y as opposed to the N to the I is shorter than the latter.
The fact that the author has not uploaded an example for this is denoting the characteristic of prime lazyness. Fuck yeah.
by angry piece of shit October 06, 2009
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Lazyness - See lazy and laziness. Lazyness is the state of being lazy. Lazyness is usually used by people who are too lazy to subsitiute the y for an i. Lazy-"ness" people can also be people who have conflicting lazy attributes.
For exmaple:
20:53 <Alsark> I have heard of action points. I participate in a campaign where those are used. As for crafting points... never heard of them and I'm too lazy to click the link.

A normal person would not Type up 3 sentences in one message telling someone basically:
I don't know.
I don't want to click the link.

He has put effort into his message, but yet... he is too lazy to actually click the link offered.

Alsark's lazyness contridicts his attributes.
by mRX November 14, 2005
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