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noun - "People who are lazy" are not nice and also not convenient to describe people who dislikes doing work or chores. Lazist is a more suitable and appropriate noun for these people. People who are classified as lazists might be unmotivated in their lives or are just lazy by nature. Lazists might sometimes be very effective people because of their nature, because lazist would go the extra mile to improve efficiency in order to reduce their amount of work. Therefore, people could sometimes be described as either a "good lazist" or a "bad lazist". People who are lazy would sometimes call themselves as "professional lazist".
1. It's so hard to get him to start doing his home works, he won't be able to finish his homework again. He is being such a bad lazist.

2. Wow, this guy is such lazist. I never see him doing his revision, he's always laying around and playing with his computer.
by inv8de January 22, 2011
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