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The reason I skip the divas matches.

Possibly THE worst female tag team to be formed in WWE. The team consists of a slut called Michelle McCool who slept her way to the top using her relationship with Taker. She can't draw heat for shit even though she is a heel and she is a mediocre wrestler. She keeps on winning feuds, titles and wrestling matches because of the influence her husband has. Layla who is a pretty but somewhat an annoying girl. Wrestling skills below average. Vickie Guerrero possibly the best heel currenty in the mainstream. She was put with LayCool to boost their heel turn.

LayCool are most notable for making up childish names like Piggy James, Glam-a-man, Smelly Kelly, Lady Wawa, Fatalya etc.
I was watching Smackdown and quickly turned the channel when LayCool were wrestling.

LayCool could never tie the boots of a wrestling goddess like Mickie James.

Trish Stratus annihilated dumbass LayCool at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Way to go Trish!!

The Beautiful People are much better than them wannabes LayCool.

Stupid 12 year old girls love LayCool.

Jane: You're just jealous cuz me and LayCool are "Flawless"
Me: One more word PG kid and you'll be flying out of the window
by MickieJamesFan March 04, 2011
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