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The act of owning someone in an argument by using lines that are commonly used in a court case. Usually used when someone asks you a question you don't want to answer. This act usually results in your opponent shutting up for good.
Bob: Hey, dude, I heard you were talking about me in the locker room.

John: I wasn't talking about you.

Bob: Seriously, John, what the hell were you talking about? I know it was about me.

John: I plead silence regarding this point of the testimony.

Bob: Wait, what?

John: I stand by my right to remain silent.

Bob: What the hell are you talking about?!

John: You may not accuse the witness of a crime unless you have decisive evidence to back up your claim.

Bob: Dude, you've lost me. What is this stupid crap you're giving me?!

John: The prosecutor may not badger the witness and ask them questions irrelevant to the topic being suggested right now.

Bob: Huh?


Bob: ...

by O B J E C T I O N April 09, 2009
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