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During the 2011 HP Touchpad craze, a trailer park hillbilly ran a possible scam company under his last name: Lawson Electronix. The company managed to string its customers like sheep for an unheard of amount of time, while they suffered from Stockholm syndrome. He refunded some, and may have left others hanging. The punch line? He didn't deliver the product and even duped more customers into VOLUNTARILY giving him their money again.

In short, to be Lawsowned, is a more narrow version of getting pwned. Specifically it is used on the idiots that defended their executioner.
Dude: "Yo, onSale didn't come through for me last year during the Touchpad sale."

Dude2: "Lucky for me, I opted for Lawson's waiting list. Been on it for 8 months now. Almost there!"

Dude: "Hey asshole, you just got Lawsowned!"
by Galois September 14, 2011
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The act of being brutally and apathetically destroyed in 3 seconds or less by a rogue in World of Warcraft. This expression is well known amongst horde players on the Gorgonnash realm who have all, at one point or another, been helplessly obliterated by the alliance rogue Lawson.
Level 60 Cloth wearer, probably a warlock: Dude some rogue just WTFPWNED me in the orgimmar bank!

Cool, well-informed Horde player: Yeah dude you just got Lawsowned.

by eatabeef October 10, 2005
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