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Jas (pronounced Juss. Was the name of ancient Hindu God from the time before Mahabharata who's mission on earth was to stop the people from gambling. In order to get the people to stop betting, Jas started to provide false answers on the outcomes. When the people of the villages came to realize what was happening, they started to refer to his advice as the Law of Jas. Anytime he provided any advice or answer, the villagers would do the opposite and called it the Law of Jas. Over time, people in the state of UP would routinely quote the Law of Jas when the opposite happened.
I bet on Rajiv's cow to give more milk than Vijay's cow by the following Law of Jas as he had said Vijay's cow would win.

I think the Law of Jas will air its ugly head during this cricket game I bet on.
by Swami BlackDev Ji October 04, 2012
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