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A series of laws from the book of Beil among which states that all good people should raise their standards and remember not to bone a skeletor, nor a chick that is too blubbery and that the only way that someone can get cancer is by way of SMOKESTACK.
"You don't want a chick that's too blubbery,
But you don't want to bone a skeletor"
~Craig 2:12, the Law of Beil

"You cannot grow a bean with a pencil
That is not how they grow in nature"
~Schimpf 15:16, the Law of Beil

"Urdle urdle urr"
~Schwam 12:1

"And so the prophet Benjamin and Kevin went outside and threw eggs at one another and Kevin said 'this is my body, *points at tree* this is not, work on your aim, polock'"
~Benjamin 1:13
by ChevelleINC1213 April 22, 2006
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