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A combination of Laura and a Wilson. A Laura implies extreme beauty and extravagance (and sex appeal) while a Wilson suggests that an individual has athletic capability and an effervescent attitude and that she "Wilsonday" (will some day) become great in whatever she chooses.

However, combined they form an individual who may be considered a "Hayley" of sorts, meaning all positives nullify the negatives due to the phonetic placement of the names.

However if in the presence of another Laura, Laura Wilson's greatness would be magnified. Laura Wilson also makes guys go apewire and could be considered G-Meistrous. A Laura Wilson is sometimes a gawig depending on the triviality of the prank.
Laura Mo-Town is pretty great, but OH SNAP, look who just walked in, it's Laura Wilson!!!!
by GMeistro January 11, 2012
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